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Red Tailed Hawk_Simon Max Bannister Sculpture made with Steel or Bronze made by hand in New Zealand

Unique Bronze 

750 Tall


Customised to fit on a 1.6m timber base

Red-tailed Hawk : USA

Although based in New Zealand, commissions are a global possibility. Once a conversation around the location, concept, budget, and timelines have been established, the sculpture can be freighted safely and the installation completed.
Previous Installations
Icarus Simon Max Bannister Sculpture made with Steel or Bronze made by hand in New Zealand
Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden

A cautionary tale of how often we wish to soar without limitation. The aspiration needs timing and skill. A fool's pride will quickly see to his downfall. Take care in making your wings, know their capabilities, and when the moment is right, fly!

'Icarus Wish'

1/3, 2 editions still available at ZAR 250 000

Height 5m

Oxidised Marine Grade Domex Steel

Windswept Fantail Simon Max Bannister Sculpture made with Steel or Bronze made by hand in New Zealand
Windswept Fantail 

This incredible property set back from the Hawea Lake shoreline takes some serious wind occasionally. It can even bend beams of steel. 

'Windswept Fantail'


Height 2m Length 3.5m

Oxidised Steel

Jawai Private Tented Camp


"Simon Max Bannister's proud leopard stands tall as a symbol of guardianship overlooking the dramatic landscape of dark grey granite hills. It is a magnificent representation of the vigorous spirit of JAWAI's panthers' that have always lived here. May they live on in abundance."


Anjali Singh, Founder and Owner of the Sujan Group, India



Entitled Aardha-rathri, meaning Midnight in Sanscrit, this sculpture embodies the iconic allure of the leopard. As a centrepiece of the camp's lounge and dining area. More here


"Ardha-rathri" Dining Area at Jawai tented camp, Rajastan, 2015

Height 3000mm x Length 5000mm x Width 1500mm

Painted mild steel 

Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore


"Three stencil renditions of intimate tiger photographs have been cut from steel to make the backlit centrepieces for the hotel walkways ."



"Three Tigers, Rajastan, 2015

Height 2400mm x Width 1220mm

Painted mild steel 


Boekenhoutskloof Wine Estate, Franschoek 


When this farm was founded, the Franschhoek valley was far wilder than it is today – as the wolf trap we once discovered goes to show. Today, the mountains are still alive with indigenous animals, including the majestic leopard. No evidence of wolves has ever been found though, so we created this series of 10 wolves to remind us of the mysteries and legends of days gone by.

Boekenhoutskloof, 2013

10 Wolves Length 2000mm x Width 600mm x Height 1200mm

Painted Timber Palletes

Londolozi Game Reserve


“Simon Max Bannister was Londolozi’s resident artist over the past 4 years. During this time he created a number of exceptional land art installations, many of which still remain at Londolozi today. It was extremely gratifying to watch the skills and talent of this remarkable artist grow during his years at Londolozi, culminating in the creation which adorns the entrance to the boma at the luxurious Londolozi Tree Camp. This artwork is particularly interesting when viewed at night as it gives off an energy which reminds one of the characteristics of this beautiful, secretive, nocturnal cat. I have no doubt that Simon Max Bannister’s body of work will continue to grow in stature and we will always be proud to have his unique artwork represented at Londolozi for many years to come.“


Dave Varty, Founder and Owner of Londolozi Game Reserve


Entrance at Tree Camp Londolozi Game Reserve, 2014

Length 3000mm x Height 1500mm

Painted Mild Steel

Wall bracket mounted

Private Residence, London


Wall mounted sculptures add a dynamic energy to minimal modern interiors compliment the lines of the work as well as some dramatic downlighting enhance the contours.the space, breaking away from the traditional frame and canvas letting the shadows play across the wall. 


Wild Uncovered Series, 2014

Length 1500mm x Width 150mm x Height 500mm

Timber and Steel

Wall mounted bracket


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