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Unique Bronze

LHW 150mm 350mm 120mm


Does the definition of intelligent life include species that destroy their own forests? Biodiversity conservation needs to permeate into all political and societal sectors and must become a guiding principle in the public discourse and in political decision-making processes.



As a sculptor, I have developed a personal technique of bronze casting to immortalize the species that have become so significant to me. My work hovers between dissolution and form, naturalism and abstraction, emphasizing both the beauty and fragility of the natural world. 

Remover of Obstacles_WF Simon Max Bannis

Remover of Obstacles

Unique Bronze

LHW 200mm 200mm 160mm




The ancient icon of Ganesha has been re-imagined to respond to the immediate threat the ivory trade has on the elephant species. Multiple limbs suggest different facets of the oppression that is apparent in the 21st Century. The right-hand, as in the ancient pose still holds an axe, to cut off bonds of attachment, whilst the left holds a bolt cutter, to liberate captive and abused animals. The lower right-hand gestures for peace and the poachers to stop, whilst the lower-left palm offers the broken tusk as a token of the unnecessary sacrifices elephants have made to our superficial materialism. The ladder signifies the endless desire of men as it rises out of the strewn tusks of past generations. A relic of a future time, the remover of obstacles will prevail and inspire.

Elephants Adam Bannister.png


Times are tough for the ancient mothers of the savannah. Poaching, climate change, habitat loss, human confrontation and development and have all made the future of elephant generations more precarious. These are however the tusked symbols of wisdom, patience and resilience. As long as we make space for them, the next generation will be there. 

The destiny of the elephant is entirely in one person's hands: the president of China

Andrea Costra (Wildleaks: The Ivory Game)



Christie's, Los Angeles

Group Show

Catalogue here

In dedication to the legacy of elephant conservation that David Shepherd pioneered, the passion and focus of this noble cause to defend the honour of these gentle giants continues. Following the success of the Christies show in 2017, the ambassador artists of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation will be collaborating to create another powerful body of work.

As one of the largest black markets for illegal ivory being smuggled and sold under the guise of an annual legal quota, the decision to ban all Ivory trade completely will have the potential ripple effect to greatly hinder any immediate movement of ivory stockpiles throughout China. This will, in turn, assist elephant populations to recover as poaching becomes riskier for syndicates to capitalise on. 

50% of the sale of this work goes straight to wildlife...

Matriarch_ Simon Max Bannister_LR-MG_0

In the Palm of the Dragon

Unique Bronze

LHW 1000mm 225mm 200mm




Unique Bronze

LHW 200mm 225mm 160mm





This sculpture contributed towards the reintroduction of Cheetah into a reserve. Remembering Cheetahs is the fifth book in the highly acclaimed Remembering Wildlife series of charity books kickstarted by Margot Raggett. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 8.04.10 PM.png

The Chase

Unique Bronze

LHW 600mm 225mm 160mm