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Simon Max Bannister Sculptor

Bannister's work is not only visually unique, but it also carries a powerful essence. He casts wood into bronze to create sculptures that pair delicate and ephemeral details with bold enduring angular gestures. His forms of birds are particularly striking, capturing the character and fragility of each species. Each work is a tribute to both natural beauty and the need to preserve it.


In his outdoor pieces, Bannister often integrates industrial elements, re-imagining steel into wilder themes, such as skeletal armatures, nests, wings, feathers and branches. These works relate to his passion for the reclaiming power of nature and his belief in its restorative power. Like guardians of the land, he hopes his forms can bring attention to the larger environment as they settle into the landscape.


"Sculpture plays in the solid realm, the piece creates a moment where you realise a mysterious connection to the landscape."




New Zealand

15 Oxford Street, Lyttelton

+64 22 531 9457


‘Let Me Be’ is a small catalogue of 4 unique bronze works with different threads that weave the same quilt of concern for the environmental crisis. 50% of sales of these works will go to projects that directly assist the well-being of the animals that inspired the sculptures. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as follow up information on how the donation was received and how it has helped the project’s outcomes. 

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Early days at Londolozi Game Reserve


"Since I can remember, I have always revered birds of prey. A mix of ferocity and untouchable beauty, dramatic silhouettes and graceful economy of flight. At such a young age I had no idea that this would be a lifelong fascination."

Proudly a DSWF Ambassador for the 'Art of Survival'

Winner of Artist of the Year 2013

“Since I met Emily Lamb and became aware of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, I have found a way to give directly back to the very animals that inspire me. The projects that the DSWF engages with represent multiple biomes and the iconic species that call them home. Through the foundation, my work can now embody a story of hope and resilience. 




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The Chase

Unique Bronze

LHW 650mm 350mm 120mm


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