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Simon Max Bannister.jpg

Simon Max Bannister's unique bronze work carries a powerful essence that catches the eye and the heart. Working in wood and metal, he casts one literally into the other, to create sculptures that pair delicate and ephemeral details with bold enduring angular gestures.


His bird forms are particularly striking, capturing the character and fragility of each species through his splintered language. Each work is a respectful tribute to both natural beauty and the need to preserve it.


With his steel outdoor pieces, he often integrates industrial elements, re-imagining iron into wilder themes, such as skeletal armatures, nests, wings, feathers and branches. These works relate to his passion for the reclaiming power of nature and his belief in its restorative power.


Like guardians of the land, he hopes his sculptures can bring bold attention to the larger environment as they integrate into the landscape.


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